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The Application
Character's Name: Aino Miyuki(Miyuki)
Character's Alignment: She is an Amazon but she has no problem with men.
Character's Sex: Female
Character's Age: 12, but she acts more mature.
Player's/Character's Journal: My journal is sun4u but I will open a new one for this character if I'm accepted.

Physical Description:
Miyuki is a beautiful girl. She has long pink hair with big green beautiful eyes. ( I will add more but I'm looking for a picture, where did you get yours (mod)?)

Personality Description:
Miyuki is a really outgoing girl that is friendly to almost everyone. She is very nice but when someone is mean to her she gives them what they deserve. Miyuki gets in trouble easily. She is not afraid to speak up her mind, give her opinion in everything and stand up for what she believes, which gets her in trouble a lot. She can also get annoying sometimes and always tries to get what she wants.
Miyuki is good at many things and she loves being the best and #1.  
She acts tough when she is hurt and she doesn't like showing her real feeling to people, except to those she really likes. She is also very over proctective to those she loves because she is afraid she is going to lose them like she lost her mom. She is also vey naive and she believes in 2nd chances

1) Control over Water- She can control and manipulate water and also she can cause storms, rain and anything that has to do with water.
2) Figthing-( I know this is not really a power) She is a really good figther and almos never losses

Character History:
Miyuki was born in the Amazon tribe. She lives with her aunt because her mom ran off with a Sashuri when Miyuki was really young. Miyuki used to hate men but her aunt, who had a Sashuri lover when she was young, helped in letting go of her hatred and eventually she learned to like men. Miyuki wants someone who loves her like that man loved her aunt.
Miyuki wants to meet Princess Ashra to talk to her so the Princess will end the hatred towards men that the Amazon have, she thinks this can be done because Princess Ashra doesn't seem to hate men in the Sashuri tribe. She doesn't really hate the English or the Americans, she thinks everywhere there are bad and good people, so she just hate the bad ones.
-When Miyuki finally meets the princess she is going to be jealous of her because the attention Kyurai gives her, but is also going to admire her. She is going to fall in love at 1st sight with Kyurai and she is always going to try and talk to him, even if he doesn't pay attention to her

Anything Else:
I don't really have a lot of experience but I think i will be good. I can update often too.
Sorry for miss spelling is just I had to write everything again because my sister got mad at me and turned the pc off and I haven't save anything so I had to write it again by memory, and I wanted to get this out today. I won't make as many spelling mistakes in my entries!
Also I wanted to tell you that I guess she will enter the story when she looking for the Princess and then spys on her and then she meets the princess and sticks to her, she is just being her annoying little self O_o.

Edit: Look at pics ( I made them smaller!:)) Image hosted by and Image hosted by
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