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Character's Name:Mahorah Zingoti
Character's Alignment: Amazon
Character's Sex: Female
Character's Age: 18
Player's/Character's Journal: Mine is Majnta...if i need to, I can make one for her.

Physical Description: Sandy hair, about to her shoulders, with deep green eyes.  She's of small build, fair skin, but don't let her know she looks frail! ^_^  (i'll just post her pic for the rest of the description...i'm not that good!)

Personality Description: Too young to realize that she can be hurt, too old to grow up.  She's always being either too serious or too childish (mostly the later).  She is slow to anger, but when ticked off, she can hold a grudge.  But, for the most part, she jokes and pokes fun at her friends, feeling confident in their closeness...because she holds her closest friends like family, and nobody messes with family.

1) Foresight (as in her pupils dialate and she sees past/present/future from a touch.  This is not controled, and obviously does not happen more than 50% of the time.)
2) Lightning (only feeds off of strong emotions)

Character History: She was born on the outskirts, her mother being married to a sushori.  Her hate for them bases off of her sentence away from her father.  Because he sent her to the Amazons, with respect, she resents the Sushori because she felt rejected.  Due to this rejection, she feels a tight bond to the people who took her in, being raised by her mother's closest friend, thus she does not hate her mother.  She sees the fights for marriage with a detached sence of humor.  She feels they are great fun to watch and make great matches, but she'd never be caught in the middle of one!  Being raised by a single woman, she was pushed into becoming a warrior, but despite her great take to fighting, she is still a jokester and mostly plays around.  Since she doesn't really take much seriously, she's become an unpredictable fighter, and a royal pain in her instructor's posterior.

Anything Else: Alrighty!  Consider me a's been a good two+ years since I've RPed, so I might be a little rusty.  But, if you don't mind, I'd like to start off with two characters.  The last time I did RP, I had a good eight characters...not all playing at the same time, mind you,  but still!  Right now, I'm only able to post while at school, which would be twice a week, but I'd still be around.  I'm a writer, so this is just like a warm-up, to keep me writing even when I'm not sure I want to.


Character's Name: Marina Intra
Character's Alignment: American
Character's Sex: Female
Character's Age: 26
Player's/Character's Journal: Majnta (again...i'll get her a personal journal if asked)

Physical Description: Her long hair's platnum, and she tries to get away with turning it red, which only works in turning it pink from the sunlight.  Her eyes are gold, and her skin tanned from the sun.  She wears a small black tank, so she doesn't "glissen" too bad, and usually black or green cargo pants, army class, with a red belt of her own choosing (just to tick off her superiors).  The red beaded necklace she wears is like a good luck charm, from her mother, and the black cloth around her wrist is her mourning for her father.

Personality Description: She's got a temper on her, but mostly she's gentle.  Because she had to climb to the top of her Archeological food-chain, she's become a bit short tempered cocky, but she's a equal opertunity Antaganist.  It takes a bit, and a little give-and-take, to get close to her, but her true friends (presently, they're all in America) know the softer side of Marina (or Mars, as her co-workers like to call her.) Weak people, both physical and mental, annoy her.

1) Archeologist for the Government. (Army brat, and army trained)

Character History: She was born in Texas, but had to move away for her carreer.  She spent her childhood in Houston, but moved around a lot when her mother fell ill, traveling with her father who worked for the army.  When she was old enough to go to college, she chose Archeology, as a means to understand something that couldn't be changed -- the past.  Her Archeology professor had great hopes for her, and put her to work on one of his teams her sophmore year, causing her schooling to be on the road and put him in a position to have control of her future.  When she got her Masters, she joined the army, where her father had little sway on where she could be placed, and was an officer in no time.  After his death, shortly after she was placed in the Military, she began to actually forgive him, unlike her feeling for most other men who had forced her hand, and she took up a greiving for the loss, one that still did not fade.  Mostly, she is used when they have no scientific proof of something, and they have thrived upon using her interest in Mythology to bring her into the "Amazon Project", as she lovingly refers to it.


(I know i've already been accepted, thought my app should be here.  Sorry it took me so long, i've been working on finals...)

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